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What is Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is a 24-hour giving event for charities in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. Each year, Giving Hearts Day provides a platform for charities to fund their missions through an ever-increasing community of givers.​

As a program of the Grand Forks Public Schools, SPA received a six-figure budget reduction. Now, more than ever, we are asking for community support for our 800+ students that receive Fine Arts education in the summer. SPA will be using funds raised from Giving Hearts Day 2022 for general operating expenses. We met and exceeded our 2022 goal!

A direct link to our Giving Hearts Day profile will be posted on Giving Hearts Day.

Giving Hearts Day will be February 19, 2023. 

You can support SPA on any day of the year! Click the "DONORS" tab above.


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