About Our Programs

Elementary SPA

Elementary SPA (grades K-5) is a two-week exploratory workshop full of activities such as creative dramatics exercises and theatre games. Students develop characters, create plays, and perform for each other on a daily basis. Also, on the last day there is a student-prepared public performance. 


Middle School SPA

Middle School SPA (grades 6-7) is a four-week session focusing on drama, dance, and music. The focus of this program is process rather than product, so emphasis is placed on training. The end performance is a show and tell of what they have learned throughout the session. 


High School SPA

High School SPA (grades 8-11) runs for two months, and hours of participation can vary greatly depending on the level of involvement. High school offerings include: Classes, such as vocal ensembles, steel drums, music theory, and jazz dance; vocal lessons; backstage work on a technical crew; and on-stage participation in a musical (or drama, when offered).


SPA Mentoring and Outreach Program

The SPA Mentoring Program (established in 2000) is designed to create opportunities for students to develop positive peer and adult relationships. All SPA participants have access to mentoring activities. As part of the program, at-risk students can be referred to the program by a counselor, teacher, or parent, and one-one-one attention is given to these students by trained mentors.



MySPA is an Arts opportunity developed for students, including those with special needs or challenges. The mission of My SPA is: to offer a unique experience of the performing arts in an individual, educational, inspirational, and exciting environment.


An Arts opportunity developed for New Americans and English Language Learners in conjunction with GFPS ELL Summer School.


Bands on the Red

Bands on the Red is a  three-week band program for students currently in grades 5-11.  The Middle School and High School Bands on the Red perform in a concert held at the Myra gazebo the third Thursday of the program.

Grand Cities Children's Choir

The Grand Cities Children’s Choir (grades 3-9) is an auditioned group that rehearses once a week during the school year and gives several performances throughout the community during the year. 

SPA Before/After Hours

Summer Fine Arts classes, including Steel Pans, School of Rock, Elementary SPA Assistants, Drama, Dance, and more.

SPA Academy

The SPAcademy provides year-round Arts opportunities for students of all ages in music, dance, drama, and visual art.

SPA Opera(seasonal)

An exciting workshop class that provides an experience in the world of opera culminating in a performance. Students will perform in all aspects of this opera and learn about the art and history of opera as well. More advanced students will audition for lead role opportunities with mentoring from college students.

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